MindSonar® is like an X-ray machine for the mind

MindSonar® is not a personality test. Personality tests show you what kind of person you are; always and in all circumstances. Many people feel constrained and “boxed in” by such tests. Some personality tests even tell you how healthy or sick your personality is.

Redefining Mindset Analysis

Welcome to our unique world of MindSonar, where we go beyond the conventional to offer a dynamic and context-sensitive approach to understanding mindsets. Our tool is not just an assessment; it's a gateway to discovering the rich tapestry of thoughts and values that drive individuals and teams towards success.


Measures the thinking style of individuals and the cognitive diversity with in teams, getting straight to the heart of problems and providing solutions in any situation.
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It is used mostly by coaches, team builders, recruiters, HR-professionals and organisational developers. They use MindSonar to measure mindsets in all kinds of organisations varying from Olympic sports teams to large corporations. In this day and age, it is hard to find any professional situation where understanding mindsets is not important.
Mindsonar Coaching

At MindSonar, we understand the critical role coaches play in unlocking human potential. Our tool is designed specifically to aid coaches in providing deeper, more impactful guidance. MindSonar stands as a revolutionary approach in the field of coaching, offering precise insights into the mindsets of clients in varying contexts. It’s not just an assessment tool; it’s a catalyst for transformational change.

Mindsonar Leadership

At MindSonar, we recognize the profound impact of effective leadership on organizational success. Our innovative tool is designed to empower leaders with in-depth insights into their own mindsets and those of their teams. MindSonar offers a unique approach to leadership development, focusing on contextual thinking patterns and values to foster adaptable, empathetic, and visionary leadership

MindSonar Teams

At MindSonar, we believe in the power of teamwork and the pivotal role of understanding diverse mindsets in building strong, effective teams. Our tool is crafted to help teams understand and appreciate the unique thinking patterns and values of each member. MindSonar is a key asset in fostering a collaborative, innovative, and high-performing team environment.

MindSonar Recruiting

At MindSonar, we recognize the pivotal role of Human Resources in shaping the workforce of an organization. Our tool is uniquely designed to assist HR professionals in understanding and optimizing the diverse mindsets within their workforce. MindSonar offers a new dimension in HR practices, enabling a more nuanced and effective approach to talent management, team dynamics, and organizational culture.



A person’s mind-set determines their feelings and actions. Your mindset determines how you evaluate things, what you notice and what you miss. And your results depend on it. MindSonar® is the perfect tool when people and results matter

The MindSonar® Profile

MindSonar® measures how you think in a given situation. It assumes that you will think differently in different situations. MindSonar® does not assume that any style of thinking is good or bad. Every way of thinking has its time and place where it can be useful.

The MindSonar® Profile is 30 pages of in-depth explanations of how individuals think in a specific context, making the invisible visible, which is then built on with you by MindSonar® Professional.

Why is MindSonar® different from other psychological measurements?

It is contextual

MindSonar® measures how people think in a given situation, not who they are, always and everywhere

It is extremely precise

MindSonar® measures thousands of thinking styles, not just a few of the most common types

Adapts to the individual

MindSonar measures organisation-specific thinking styles rather than general templates

It is professional

The MindSonar® Profile can only be interpreted by trained MindSonar® experts and not by anyone

Graves’ theory of motivators

Graves’ theory of motivators is a typology of important criteria (values). In MindSonar® profiling, we use them to facilitate the comparison of values with other values.

Benchmarks are the standards by which we judge things around us. For example, when you meet a new person, you can use “honesty” as a yardstick against which to judge them.

Values are very important criteria. For example, “sincerity” can be a value when you meet a new person. If you don’t think a person is very happy, you don’t need to worry about that. But if you think it’s unfair, you might think twice about doing anything about it.


Understanding, Communication and Change

Measuring mindsets and understanding them
MindSonar sess a mindset as an interplay between
a. Value types (What kinds of things do you find important?)
b. Thinking styles (How do you handle your values?)

Strengthening or changing mindsets
Understanding a given mindset greatly helps to either strengthen it, teach it, or change it. Your mindset will greatly influence your perception (What you notice and what you miss), your mood and your actions. And your actions will eventually determine your results.

and MindSonar®


They can also be called patterns of thinking, ways of thinking, elements of mindsets or cognitive-perceptual preferences.

Metaprogrammes are patterns of thinking measured by MindSonar®. They can be seen in the way people speak and also in their non-verbal expressions.

Metaprogrammes are an important part of a person’s mindset, as their mind-set determines their behaviour and emotions.

Metaprogrammes are found within the science of neuro-linguistic programming, which is a model for studying and transforming personal experiences.

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    About Us
    MindSonar is a psychological tool that helps you do just that. MindSonar was developed by Dutch psychologist Jaap Hollander and his team. It has its roots in Neuro Linguistic Programming and the work of psychologist Clare Graves.
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    About Us
    MindSonar is a psychological tool that helps you do just that. MindSonar was developed by Dutch psychologist Jaap Hollander and his team. It has its roots in Neuro Linguistic Programming and the work of psychologist Clare Graves.
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